Dehydration and Exfoliation

Scrub your skin.

This is one of the most important steps in a facial skincare ritual that I am forever amazed so many leave out at Main Street Day Spa.

Aveda has a wonderful skin resurfacing scrub in which bamboo is used to gently but effectively act as a manual exfoliation and is crucial to release the dead cells from the surface. Bamboo is unlike a granular scrub (nut kernels can scratch the skin, which can result in damage and possible infection).

Regular facial exfoliation also allows the incredible nutrients in your skincare products to actually penetrate.

Also extremely important for healthy skin; drink plenty of water throughout the day. I can always tell when a facial client is dehydrated because her make up settles into the pores.

Next subject for January 2018, we’ll look at dry skin verses dehydrated Skin.