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11 Common Causes For Adult Acne And Blemishes. 

11 Common Causes For Adult Acne And Blemishes. As a skin care expert and esthetician, I’ve been asked every skincare question imaginable but the one I hear most often is, “My teenage years are long gone.Why do I still get blemishes and acne cysts as an adult?” Due to hormonal fluctuations carried over from your teenage years, it’s not uncommon to get breakouts well into your 20s, 30s and even beyond. In fact, adult acne is on the rise.

#1 Do you touch your face often?
#2 Have you been eating more dairy than usual?
#3 Have you been under tremendous stress?
#4 Do you NOT wash your skin each and every night?
#5 Have you started using new skin care products?
#6 Are you about to start your menstrual cycle?
#7 Do you suspect your hormones might be off?
#8 Have you flown on a plane in the last few days or week?
#9 Have the weather temperatures been fluctuating from day to day?
#10 Are you using an IUD?
#11 Have you recently started using a Clarisonic brush or facial scrub?