White heads or Cholesterol deposits? Can they be treated with peels and daily care?

Cholesterol deposits are fatty-looking, slightly raised plaques in the skin near the eyes. They usually appear gradually, are not painful, tender or itchy. They look fatty because that is what they are. They are collections of cells called histiocytes, bulging with fat (usually cholesterol). In some people this can be indicative of a raised level of harmful fats in the blood, such as high cholesterol.

White heads (milia) also known as milk spots or oil seeds, are very common, benign, keratin (protein)- filled cysts within the sweat glands that present as whitish, pearly bumps on the skin, usually across cheeks, nose, chin or gums, but milia can occur anywhere on the body.

The only way sure way to get rid of cholesterolĀ  deposits is to have themĀ  removed surgically.

Milia need to be extracted either by a physician or a licensed aesthetician.