Love Your Feet!

I love my feet!

Yes, these are my 72 year old feet. I have not always loved them. Actually, I never really paid them much attention unless I had injured them or they needed washing. Then they screamed for my attention and I could no longer ignore them.

Now that I am a massage therapist (for 22 years ) and a nationally certified reflexologist (for 20 years), I pay attention to them whether they hurt or not.

What have I learned about feet? They support you at any weight. They carry you through every sport and every situation you have been in. They carry you through life. Everything you go through shows up on your feet (Language of the Feet – more on that later).

Your feet balance you, and take you in every direction. Every step you take effects every joint in your body.

There are exercises you can do to strengthen and stretch your feet. One was told to me by my mother, Elsa; “pick up pencils with your toes”. This works the flexors of your feet. which helps you to “grab” with your toes on uneven ground. Great to improve your balance.

Now to stretch the bottoms of your feet. If you can, kneel on the floor. Lean forward and curl your toes up so the bottoms of all ten toes are are touching the floor. Now gently sit back so you are sitting on your ankles. Support yourself through this stretch. Hold for 5-10 seconds and relax.

Your feet will feel refreshed and be able to move easier.

For all stretches and exercise, please check with your doctor first.